CCUA: Tech Tuesday Webinar Series 

Episode 1 - Securing Remote Service


The Cooperative Credit Union Association brings a live webinar event open to all credit union leaders, regardless of size or location. Presented by the Pure IT Credit Union Services Pandemic Team, please join our conversation as we plot a secure course through crisis together.

Join our Webinar:

  • Tech Tuesday : Episode 1 - Securing Remote Service
  • Tuesday, May 26th 
  • 2:30 - 3:30 (EST)
  • Live Webinar Event

Session Description:

COVID-19 hit us quickly and we had to rapidly react and determine how to move our credit union’s to a remote workforce model.  Now that we are through that initial triage phase, we need to re-assess where we are now, prioritize the security changes, and plan for a new normal that includes a long-term strategy for remote employees.  Securing our remote credit union requires new behaviors, updated processes, and evolving technologies to creating reliable financial services for our members.  This webinar will discuss the strategic and tactical processes to bridge from short to long-term remote strategies as we reconnect the disconnected.


Pure IT Pandemic Team:

  • Trent Henson, CTO
  • Steve Koinm, VP Professional Services
  • Gene Fredriksen, Principal Cybersecurity Consultant