CUSO Transforms over 50 Credit Unions on Third Birthday

Pure IT Milestone 



Houston, TX:  Pure IT Credit Unions Services is honored to announce they have passed the milestone of 50 credit unions served as they reach their third birthday last week on September 19th. This start-up has served credit unions across the nation with customized strategic roadmaps, ratifying the industry with methods and tools traditionally rooted in private technology firms.


Established as a vendor neutral organization, Pure IT understands that no two credit unions are identical, and that cookie-cutter business strategies miss the unique characteristics and competitive advantage of each individual credit union. Digital transformation means different things to different organizations, and tools that enable value and cut constraints at one credit union may not be appropriate at another. True innovation requires a custom model.


On their third birthday, Jack Smith, CEO of Pure IT, remarked, “We would like to express our sincere appreciation to an industry who has fully embraced us. Serving credit unions is not our job; it’s our privilege. The relationships made in just three years has deeply impacted our mission, motivating us to act in the best interest of your membership. You focus every day on serving your membership, we focus on serving your credit union.”


Pure IT aims to be pure excellence in service and believes that technology is not a department of, but mere catalysis to, the entire business structure of an organization.  


“We are proud to wear the CUSO badge and would like to thank the credit union industry for this responsibility. Serving credit unions is a form of community service, one that we are humbled and grateful to have.”



Pure IT Credit Union Services: Pure IT Credit Union Services has built a practice around solving IT issues for Credit Unions. As a team we believe in the Credit Union cooperative model and are dedicated to helping credit unions raise the level of technology and member service. We use technology to fulfill credit union strategy, credit union business needs, and creating efficient IT system management that propels clients forward. We make it easy for our credit union clients to address the IT needs around compliance, security, audits, and technology advancement to better serve their members.



For additional information on Pure IT, their leadership or ethos, please visit, or contact Rebekah Schlichting, at, or 281-378-7799.

Pure IT 3rd Birthday